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shimmed card

Shimmed Card – Bicycle

An original Bicycle Card with a Magnetic Steel Shim inserted between the layers of the card. A useful addition to your collection of Gimmick-ed Cards and one that will pass as just another card in normal use.  The Shimmed Card is the same thickness as normal Bicycle Card Perfect for all PK effects requiring a […]

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Cloning King Jumbo

Cloning King – Jumbo

A new and amazing Jumbo Find The King Effect. The Magician fans out 3 cards, two of which are Ten of Clubs and 1 King of Hearts. The magician shuffles the cards and asks the spectator to find the King. The spectator fails, as the 3 cards in the magician’s hands are all Tens. Magician […]

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hoffman jumping cards

Hoffman’s Jumping Card

This prop has been described by Professor Hoffmann on page 130 of his Modern Magic, making it over a dozen decades old. But the title of the book is not a misnomer, and the item is as effective today as it was over a century ago. It has an element of surprise and audience participation […]

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Royal Flush – Jumbo

The Magician fans out five cards 4 of which are Tens and one a Joker. Magician takes out the joker and place it on the table. He turns the 10 of Spades face down and closes the fan. Now when he taps the joker with the four tens and opens them into a fan again,it […]

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Q5+ Pocket Index

This is a “secret gimmick” – your audience is not even aware it exists. What it enables you to do is to produce a playing card, – any of the 52 in a deck you want, in an instant. It’s application to card magic or mental effects are many and varied. The following are a […]

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Impressions (Handkerchief)

A “magical” handkerchief that you can carry around in your pocket. Use it to perform many effects limited only to your imagination or as a regular one. Two excellent effects are detailed below. A spectator selects a card from a regular deck. The card is shown around and replaced in the deck. The deck is […]

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Flash Change Card

This is a mechanical card that changes from the Queen of Hearts to the King of Spades in a flash. Just shake the card to effect the change. You can use it as a prediction, showing the wrong card, then having it change to the correct one with a shake. You could also use two […]

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Jokers Wild – Wild Cards

The effect is unbelievable. A classic of Close-up Card Magic. It uses nine cards, eight of the cards are identical, say 5 of Hearts. And the last card is an ‘odd’ or Wild Card, The Joker. One at a time the Wild Card, when placed with the 5H card, changes them to the “odd” card, […]

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Vanishing Deck

Asked to perform some magic, the magician takes out a box from his pocket, which houses a deck of cards. The box has a cut out window on top and an opening at one end. The card case is clearly visible through the window and opening of the box. He takes out the card case […]

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Performer shows four pieces of a torn card in a neat decorated box. He waves his palms over the torn pieces and the card gradually restores in 2 steps.  First 3/4 of the card and then the entire card. The card can then be handed over for inspection. Please Note : This item is not […]

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