Sucker Glass Vanish Plus

The performers assistant displays a glass on a tray. He covers the glass with a tube, slides the tube on the tray and lifts it up, and the glass is gone. The audience is not much impressed, because when the tray is accidentally(?) turned around, the glass is exposed, stuck in a hole in the … Read more

Enchanted Treasure Chest

Enchanted Treasure Chest

A large and very attractive chest, – this could be the chest from a story in the Arabian Nights, or of a mythical Pirate. Tip it over with lid open to show it empty, then produce a large variety of “treasures” from the empty chest. Show it empty again, then produce some more. – yards … Read more

Auto Milko

There are many varieties of magic with liquids, and Auto Milko is off beat and different. The performer shows two clear empty glass tumblers, and a transparent plate. One empty tumbler is placed face up on the table, covered with the glass plate, and the other empty tumbler placed over this. Milk or any other … Read more

Candle Through Arm

A colorfully decorated cylinder is pushed over the performer’s arm. Next, a long, white, lighted candle is pushed through the center of the cylinder and apparently through his arm. It looks incredible when the lit candle is slowly pushed through. The flame goes out of sight for a moment and then emerges from top and … Read more

Haunted Hanky (FT)

An ordinary Pocket Handkerchief is freely displayed. It is folded and placed on the table and magically becomes animated, as if a ghost were trapped under it.  The handkerchief jumps up and down, in an uncanny manner. Then the ghost vanishes, and the handkerchief is opened to show there is nothing in it – its … Read more