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shimmed card

Shimmed Card – Bicycle

An original Bicycle Card with a Magnetic Steel Shim inserted between the layers of the card. A useful addition to your collection of Gimmick-ed Cards and one that will pass as just another card in normal use.  The Shimmed Card is the same thickness as normal Bicycle Card Perfect for all PK effects requiring a […]

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fire from palms gimmick

Fire From Palms – Gimmicks

You are supplied with two special gimmicks, one for each hand. With the help of these, you produce fire from your palms. Transfer the flame from one hand to the other, or magically extinguish it, and produce it as often as you wish. This is a fire effect, that requires handling care. Not recommended for […]

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Dream String

Dream String #5 (Elastic Invisible Thread Loops)

Now at 1/5 th  the price of previous batches. If you want to do some “real magic”, then there has not been a finer magician’s gimmick in the last decade than the Elastic Invisible Thread Loop. It is one of the most practical of all invisible thread “systems” – you can wear it all day, […]

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Q5+ Pocket Index

This is a “secret gimmick” – your audience is not even aware it exists. What it enables you to do is to produce a playing card, – any of the 52 in a deck you want, in an instant. It’s application to card magic or mental effects are many and varied. The following are a […]

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Coin Bender Gimmicks

Bending metals, apparently with the power of your mind makes for an extremely intriguing demonstration. Performers like Uri Geller have used similar demonstrations to get headline coverage, like few other magic tricks can. Like the best magic trick, the secrets are simple and fool proof. You require a modest amount of handling practice, and your […]

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Bicycle Floaters (Pair)

Once in several years a trick comes along which is revolutionary in its very concept, and takes the Magic world by storm.  It is a trick which is immediately copied by several dealers, and sells to every magician who sees it.  The Floating Match, originally credited to Ben Harris of Australia is such a trick. […]

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Impressions (Handkerchief)

A “magical” handkerchief that you can carry around in your pocket. Use it to perform many effects limited only to your imagination or as a regular one. Two excellent effects are detailed below. A spectator selects a card from a regular deck. The card is shown around and replaced in the deck. The deck is […]

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Light-up Thumb – Pair

Just imagine your audience’s amazement when you reach into thin air with a hand that’s clearly empty and pluck a glowing ball of red or green light out of nowhere! You can pass the light from hand to hand, make it vanish and reappear, etc. A staple item in the acts of professional magicians world-wide, […]

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pk rings

P.K. Rings – Gold/Silver

A very powerful magnet fashioned into a normal ring for professional magicians! It will give you a host of unique opportunities to amaze and impress, limited only by the extent of your imagination. Use these PK rings for some amazing levitations, animations, and suspension effects. Have a cigarette magically cling to a playing card, or […]

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Duck Rabbit Silk – With Reel

A new and different production silk, with a novel touch of Magic. The performer reaches into his empty hat, and says he will produce a rabbit. But he only produces a silk, which when opened displays a picture of a Duck, and not a rabbit.  Surprised, the performer shakes the silk, and the picture of […]

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