Magic Safari

Magic SafariNEW ! This is an offbeat mental effect where the magician apparently reads the mind of a spectator.
The magician shows 9 different animal picture cards and asks a person from the audience to shuffle the cards. He takes back the cards and with their faces towards the audience the magician displays the animal cards one by one and as he does so, he asks the person to chose any animal mentally and also remember which number the card is at from the top.
Now the person is asked to place the same number of cards from top of the stack to the bottom, but out of sight of the magician. The magician takes back the stack and places it in his pocket. He now reads the mind of the spectator and starts taking out pairs of cards each time and rejects them saying, they are not the chosen animal card. The magician is finally left with one card which, he reveals is the animal chosen by the spectator.
We supply the 9 multicolor animal picture cards, and full illustrated instructions. The trick is very easy to perform, being almost self working in nature. Yet it is quite mystifying, and will fool magicians  not familiar with the subtle secret. No sleights or forces involved. An attractive and effective pocket mystery at a very affordable price.

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