Magic Bags (Flowers – UJ)

Magic Bags Clr UJ - 002Effect: An ordinary paper grocery bag is shown to be empty to the spectators. 
The magician casts his spell, and three large “bags” (clear bags with flowers inside) are produced from the empty paper bag. 
The bags stand rigid, make a very attractive display and after production, it seems impossible the three bags would fit into the paper bag from which they appeared.
For a Climax Effect, a silk depicting “Thank you” or “Bye-Bye” can be produced as the final production.
We supply you the paper Grocery bag (specially designed for this effect) and 3 collapsible bags that fit into this, and allow you to show the paper bag completely empty, even after the bags are “loaded”.
This is the original effect that has inspired several variations, like Card Castles from Bag, and Cubes from Bag, which we also stock.
Supplied with instructions, ready to use.

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