Locked Box Mystery – Deluxe Teak

Locked-box-mysteryThe apparatus we supply for this item comprises of a neat wooden Box, measuring approximately 4″ long, 2.5″ high and 2.75″ wide.  The box is made from quality wood, polished in a natural finish, with brass trimmings, and can be padlocked.

The magician can introduce an object into this Locked Box through a secret opening. The object can be introduced in an instant, and the Locked Box with lock given to a spectator. Once an item has been introduced, the locked box will take the most rigid examination, and there seems to be no way to get access to the contents of the box, except by opening the lock, and the top. There are many ways in which this item can be used.  A borrowed Watch, Ring, or similar object can be made to vanish and reappear in the Locked Box.  Alternatively you can use this Box as a Prediction Chest, with a prediction appearing in the sealed and Locked Box. We supply the Locked Box Mystery complete and ready to work with Padlock etc. and very detailed working instructions and routines.  These instructions are by courtesy of the Late Edwin, founder of the Supreme Magic Company, and have some excellent ideas for the use of this Box, worth much much more than the very modest price we charge for this item.

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