Linking And Blending Ropes

Linking And Blending RopesThis is a potpourri of magical effects with large brightly patterned ropes, making an attractive and colorful display for a large audience.

The performer shows 3 rope rings, showing them to be clearly separate. He links 2 of the rings together and then the third, to make a chain of 3 rings.
He next twists 2 of the rings and they transform into a large double size ring. The third small ring is twisted with the large ring and they have now turned into a huge ring 3 times the original size with 3 knots on it.

One of the knots is untied to display a long rope comprised of 3 shorter ropes tied together. Then 2 knots are untied and come right off the rope, leaving you with a large long rope, some 9 feet long.

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