Klever-Kut Deck – Ian Adair

This deck has been specially designed to make things easy for those who wish to create stunning card magic. Although the deck is ideal for forcing a card or cards onto someone, it is capable of doing a lot more.
The deck can be shown on both sides. It can be fanned and shuffled. All of the cards can be riffled through, proving all are different and that there are no duplicates. In fact, all are different and there are certainly no duplicates.
Yet, a certain card or cards may be ‘forced’ onto a spectator by allowing that person to merely cut the deck at any position required. The force is automatic and always correct.
Some of the effects you can perform with this deck which are detailed in the instructions include :
FORCING A CARD :  Spectator cuts the deck, and card cut to is the one you wish to force.
FORCING SEVERAL CARDS : If you wish to force  several cards at one time onto a spectator, you can do this just as easily.
CUTTING AT THE FOUR ACES : Spectator cuts to four Aces.
BOOK TEST AID : The performer states that whichever two cards are freely cut at, these will form the page number of one of the paperback books on show. Spectator cuts to required cards.
COUNTDOWN : The performer predicts the number of cards which will be counted down to, after the spectator has cut the deck.
… and MORE !
Originally marketed by the Supreme Magic Company as the Wonder Deck in 1962, this is an improved version of the same, with added advantages, and comes to you with Ian’s own instructions, at a very low affordable price.

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