Jumbo Gag Card Set

JgagcardIn this “set” we supply you five jumbo cards, with novel face designs, for some very off-beat card effects. There are two ‘52-in-1‘ cards, one with a normal back, and one with another card  on reverse. You also get three “crazy prediction” cards – a 3 1/2 of Clubs, a 14 of Diamonds, and a ‘Cozy Couple’ card with the KD and QD on the same card.

The cards come to you in a special custom made laminated envelope, which can be used to hold your “prediction” card during performance.

The cards can be used for a quickie gag prediction, or more elaborate routines. While any of these novelty cards is worth the very modest price we charge for the entire set, the real value of the set is in the 25 offbeat presentation ideas that accompany the set. We could have written these up as a small booklet, and you would find it worth the price of the entire set. We guarantee you will find this an excellent buy, if you like card magic with an off-beat climax.

Jumbo Gag Card set has five special offset printed Jumbo Cards in a strong laminated ‘jumbo card size’ custom made envelope, and a manuscript with over two dozen ideas for their use.

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