Instant Magic Popsicle

Instant PopsicleThe performer displays a popsicle Box (Ice cream bar) box. He opens it and tips it over, and all that drops out is a popsicle stick ! Somebody has obviously consumed the ice cream when he was not around, he exclaims.
But he knows a little magic. A little colored liquid is poured into the box. The stick is now stuck into the box, the box inverted, and the liquid has transformed into a complete popsicle.
If you wish you can replace the popsicle in the box, pull out the stick, and pour out the liquid once again.
The apparatus supplied makes the trick almost automatic in working.
In addition to the items supplied, you will require a tiny glass with some colored liquid to match the color of the popsicle supplied. You can use Coke or Pepsi for the Chocolate popsicle, Raspberry or Rose Syrup for the Raspberry, and Orange for the Orange one..
Available in 3 “flavors” – Chocolate, Raspberry, and Orange. Get all three, and perform a complete routine with them.
An offbeat item for kid show performers – complete with the special “Foo can principle” plastic popsicle, stick, attractive colored “box”, and instructions, at a very low price.

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