Identity Deck

Identity-DeckA very novel card revelation. The performer displays a deck of cards.
He fans out the cards face up and requests 3 spectators from the audience to pick a card each. The Magician does not see the cards selected and these 3 people are requested to keep their chosen cards hidden within the palms of both hands in the same face up position.
The magician is expected to reveal what cards have been taken.
But, there comes the twist, when instead of revealing the card numbers & suit, the magician starts calling out names, E.g. 1st person has taken BRIAN, 2nd person has taken CATHERINE and the last person has taken GEORGE.
Audience is rather perplexed as cards do not have such names. The magician fans out the remaining deck in his hand face down to show each card in this deck has a name written on their back giving them an individual identity. 
He now asks the three spectators to turn over their cards and they are surprised to see that the names the magician has called are written on the backs of their three selected cards.
We supply the special deck, ready to use with very detailed photo illustrated instructions. Requires no skill or sleights.

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