Hugard’s Magic Monthly (7 Volumes 1-21)

Hugard Magic monthlyA set of seven large hard bound books with over 2850 pages and 1000s of  illustrations.
This hard –to-find, complete set of magazines in one of magic’s greatest.  Edited by one of magic’s most knowledgeable men, Jean Hugard, author of “Modern Magic Manual” and dozens of other texts. For 22 years “Magic Monthly” published the best effects of virtually all the great names in magic and featured an insiders’ point of view. It covered the complete field of conjuring entertainment. In addition, it chronicled, in detail, the American magic scene of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ’60, with emphasis on New Yord’s “Inner Circle”.
Contributors include : Bert Allerton, Jerry Andrus, Annemann, Jack Avis, Al Baker, Ross Bertram, Fred Braue, Milbourne Christopher, Steward Cramer, Paul Curry, Dr. Jacob Daley, Will Dexter, Victor Farelli, Martin Gardner, Frank Garcia, Cliff Green, S. Leo Horowitz, Stewart James, Peter Kane, George Kaplan, Max Katz, Ken Krenzel, Harry Lorayne, Sid Lorraine, Ed Marlo, Orville Meyer, James Randi, Clayton Rawson, and many others. (INR 17,500.00)

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