Houdini Palming Coins

If you want to perform close up Coin Magic, or stage coin effects like the Miser’s Dream, you will find these coins great value. Specially made, with the picture of the famous Harry Houdini on one side, and the picture of Houdini in chains on the reverse, these coins speak a universal Magical language. You can perform with these coins any place, any where and there is no suspicion of a foreign coin, which could be “gimmicked”. These are MAGICIANS COINS of the most famous magician of all times. They can be examined .
The coins are a very wee bit larger than the US Half dollar coin, but will fit into most gimmicks for the Half dollar Coin, like a Kellar Coin Catcher. They are ideal for effects like Spiked Coin, or a 50c size Coin Slide. They fit perfectly into our new model Kellar Coin Catcher.
These Coins are made of Aluminum, and extremely light. You can palm a dozen or more of these coins with ease. Yet they are metal, (not plastic) and will sound like coins when handled, or thrown into a metal container.
Finished in a natural polish silver finish, the coins will retain their bright appearance, and the finish will not flake or tarnish like plated coins. 
We supply these Coins without any instructions – you use them for any Coin trick you like. Or get a copy of “Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic” for 100s of tricks you can do with these.
You can buy these coins individually, or better still get a roll of a dozen at a very special price, and you will have ample for all your regular coin routines.

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