Hopping Silk

Hopping Silk OEffect : The magician displays a square board with five holes on it, like the five spots on a die.
A silk is pushed through one of the corners spots, – let us say the hole in the extreme upper left corner. The board is just passed behind the performer’s back, and the silk is found to have jumped to an adjacent corner, – the upper right corner. 
This is repeated a number of times, as the silk apparently jumps to the lower right corner, and then the lower left corner.
The spectators think they know how this is being done with the board being turned behind the performer’s back. 
The performer then passes the board behind his back one more time, and the silk has jumped to the hole in the middle.
We supply you the special “mechanical” board with the five holes punched in it, and the Silk Handkerchief. The effect is very easy to perform, and comes with complete illustrated instructions.

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