Holiday in Mind

Holiday-in-MindThis is an excellent “mental effect or prediction”. with easy to carry, pack flat props, and visible to a large audience. It is based on the same working principle as “Color in Mind” originally marketed by the Supreme Magic Company of England.
Effect : the performer displays 7 jumbo size cards with full color pictures of some of the most popular landmark destinations around the world, – FRANCE – CHINA – JAPAN – LONDON – INDIA – USA – AUSTRALIA. 
A spectator is asked to freely think of any of the destinations, without revealing his choice. A frame half the height of the cards with a cutout window, is shown and turned around to display a prediction printed on its back. Only half the prediction is shown at this stage of the performance. 
The cards are placed in the frame. The performer says he will transfer the cards one at a time from front to back of frame. When the spectator sees his mentally selected card he is to call out “STOP”. 
Performer transfers the cards one at a time from front to back. When spectator calls out stop, performer turns the frame around to reveal the complete prediction. And it accurately predicts the holiday destination selected by the spectator.
There is no force or stooges. The selection can be different for every performance.
Complete with everything required, you can do this right away after reading the instructions. 

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