Hexed Ring Box

Hex-Ring-Box---openA Funtime Magic Original – First time advertised.

Conceived, and designed by Sam Dalal, this is a new type of ring box, for the production of a borrowed ring, which has been previously vanished. 
We designed this from an antique hexagonal ring box, (pun in name intended !) which looks like an antique Ring Box, and not a gimmicked magicians prop. The antique inlaid finish makes for an attractive, intriguing and eye catching close-up prop. 
Hex-Ring-Box---closeIn effect a borrowed ring is covered by a handkerchief, and given to a spectator to hold. The performer now introduces the ring box which is freely displayed all around, and placed on the table. The handkerchief is whipped away, and the ring is found to have vanished. The spectator is invited to open the box himself, and remove the ring he finds in the box, firmly embedded in a ring pad, which is the same borrowed ring.
The Box is beautifully made from select hardwoods, inlaid and polished, and velvet lined on the inside. Mechanically constructed to permit you to introduce the ring right in front of the audience in the closed box, you can perform this without any cover with a few handling trials. It comes to you ready to work, with detailed handling instructions. 

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