Half Bottom Glass

Half Bottom GlassThis is a utility gimmick for magicians, with many diverse applications. The regular Bottomless Glass dates back to a few centuries, and this is a slightly most sophisticated version, that permits you to “prove it is a regular glass” by some subtle handling. It will also permit you to perform other effects, similar to those performed with an Okito Glass, and some entirely different ones as well.
The props we supply consist of a clear plastic Bottomless Glass, and a very special half glass insert, with a regular bottom. You could also remove the insert, and perform any of the effects using the regular Bottomless Glass. As a bonus extra, we also give you many effects that can be performed with a regular Bottomless Glass in our instructions. These are some of the effects detailed with the prop.
Amazing Wand through liquid. Pour an opaque liquid (Milk or a dark colored soda) into the empty glass. Pick up your wand, and pass it up from the bottom of the glass, and out at the top ! You have demonstrated a most convincing penetration.
An effective Vanishing Device. There are dozens of effects that involve the vanish of a borrowed ring, key, marked coin, token etc., which is later reproduced from a Nest Of Boxes, A Locked Box, A Ball of Wool, or even A Loaf of Bread. The usual method involves a gimmicked handkerchief with a duplicate of the item in the hem. With this glass, you can perform the Vanish part of the routine in a much more effective manner. Just drop the borrowed item into the glass of liquid, and you have it “ready” for your production.
An Impossible Production. You could make a very impressive production, because of the special construction of this glass. Display the empty glass, and place it on the palm of the hand. Pour opaque liquid into the glass. Dip the fingers of your free hand into the liquid, and flick your fingers, so they see the drops of liquid, demonstrating it is just a glass full of liquid. Reach into the glass again, and make your production. Not only can you  produce dry silks or ribbons from a glass of liquid, but the final volume of production could be much bigger than what the glass could possibly hold.
No matter what your performing preferences, this is a prop you will find a use for, like Change Bags, and Thumb Tips, and other gizmos that most magicians cannot do without !  Complete with many ideas for diverse applications.

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