Giant Zipper Banana

Zipper Banana GiantThe Zipper Banana is a comedy prop, familiar to Clowns, MC’s or anyone with a flair for comedy as a good visual Gag.

The performer decides to take a snack break. He pulls out of his pocket a banana, unzips it, peels back the skin, take a bite and them meticulously zips back the skin and replaces the banana in his pocket.

This is repeated a number of times and gets funnier with each repeat.

This is a Giant size model of the Zipper Banana whose mere appearance will draw a laugh.  This Zipper Banana comes with an imitation banana inside with a face. This provides for additional bits of laughter if used with a little bit of imagination. You could even use the banana for some ventriloquism.

The Banana is around 10″ long and can be seen by a fairly large audience.

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