Ghostly Impressions

Ghostly ImpressionsThis is a very novel revelation of a “selected” card. This model in the form of a playing card is more appropriate and logical than other similar “spirit glass” effects.
The performer displays a clear glass “playing card” – that he claims can trap thought impressions, or the “ghost of a selected card” !
A card is selected by a spectator from a deck. He is asked to concentrate on his card, and the impression of the card mysteriously appears on the glass in a ghostly fashion, then vanishes, leaving the glass completely clear once again. You could repeat the effect immediately if you wish with a different card.
The entire secret is in the special glass “card” supplied. This has been treated to display two cards, one on each side. 
The card revealed is forced, and in case you do not have a favorite method of your own, we give a couple of good methods with any ordinary deck in the instructions that accompany the item. 
An item you can carry in your pocket, and use any time, even with a borrowed deck of cards ! 
Highly recommended – get one, and you will use it.

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