Ghost Key

Ghost-Key“Behold this Key – it is the key to the Locked Reading Room of the Manor, that holds the darkest secrets of its grotesque inhabitants over centuries in the dank chronicles on its musty shelves. And it has been the duty of each Lord of the Manor to ensure this room is always kept locked, for great misfortune awaits the unwitting guest who should perchance stumble into the room, and of idle curiosity delve into the mysteries inscribed in the tomes on its shelves. 
But these conundrums of the ages have a life of their own, – hungering to entrap more souls into the practices that feed their thirst to propagate their morbid and depraved ways ! And the sentinel of the secrets will open the lock, no matter how often and how firmly it is fastened. The Ghost Key will turn each night, and the doors swing open at each sunrise, beckoning yet another innocent soul into the labyrinths of its evil rituals, to be ultimately sucked into the vortex of what we mortals naively refer to as “a living Hell” 
So frequent and routine has become this ritual of the locked room being opened by the Ghostly hand of the Keeper of the Key, that the Key now has a life of its own, and will turn even when not in the lock – no matter where or when. Behold !”
The narrator displays the Ghost Key – a large Key that he invites his rapt listeners to examine to their heart’s content. It is indeed an inert and lifeless Key, and none would attribute to it the occult powers assigned to it, which they are about to witness. For when the narrator places the same inert Key across his hand, and mutters some invocation under his breath, behold, the Key does turn – slowly and mysteriously, imbibed with a life of its own. And there is nary a clue to the Ghost Hand that turns it ! 
But there is that Skeptic in the crowd of eager believers, who perchance feels the narrator doth deceive them – and perhaps he manipulates the Key in some secret ways unseen or unknown. And to dispel his misgivings, the skeptic is asked to place the Key across his own hand, which the narrator holds, so as to transfer the ectoplasm that permits the Ghost Keeper of the Key to accomplish his manifestation.  And Behold – for the Key doth turn once again – beyond reason, beyond understanding, beyond belief … ! “

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