Frozen Time

Frozen Time  003Effect : The performer freezes time (as seen by the moving seconds hand) on a large wall clock (13″ x 13″) by a simple magical gesture or command. He can then un-freeze the hand as and when he wishes.

You could have the clock hanging in your magic den or studio, or your living room, working as a normal wall clock, ready for performance at any time. Or you could use this in your magic show, justifying the large clock with clear legible numbers and hands as something everyone in the audience can see, and have a spectator hold it, or display it on a suitable stand. This is a stunning effect, that you can perform “impromptu” in your den or house, or as a feature effect on stage.

The effect is extremely easy to perform, and you have almost nothing to do. Very easy to perform, requires no special preparation or set-up. Complete instructions and apparatus and supplied.


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