Frightening Spike

Frightening SpikeThis is a very simple, yet highly dramatic effect, that can be the feature of your act. It is also excellent as a promotional stunt on TV, or as a stand alone routine in a varied entertainment act.

Based on a “Russian Roulette” theme, the props consist of 3 wooden blocks. One of these has a sharp spike embedded in it – and the spike can be examined – it is not flexible and does not retract. For dramatic effect, you could pierce a potato, or apple or other similar fruit on this.

Three paper cups are introduced – and as you turn around, a spectator is invited to cover the three blocks with the cups. It is impossible to tell the cup with the spike under it. The spectator is now invited to mix the blocks around, so that you cannot possibly know the block with the spike. You then dramatically bring your hands down on two of the cups, crushing them. The one with the spike is left untouched. The effect can even be repeated if you wish.

This is easy to do, when you know the subtle secret. We supply the three attractively decorated blocks, (one with a spike, that screws off for safe and compact transportation) and full working instructions. You use any opaque paper tea or coffee cups – you can buy these by the dozens in many provision stores. Not for sale to minors.

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