Frightened Rabbit

Frightened RabbitThe performer displays a plaque with the picture of a black rabbit in a cut out frame.

The frame has two doors on front and back, and when both doors are opened you can see right through the skeleton frame.

The performer asks the kid audience to “frighten” the rabbit by shouting “BOO”. He turns the frame around thrice, and asks the kids to shout “BOO” and the door of the frame is opened to show the rabbit is now white!

This can be repeated a couple of times, but the audience is not impressed, as they say you are simply showing the other side of the plaque. They ask you to “turn it around”. You open both the doors, and remove the plaque, and the audience can see the black rabbit on the plaque. They can see right through the skeleton frame.

You pretend to misunderstand, and turn the rabbit around on its head, and the shouts to show the other side increase.

You finally ask the audience to shout “BOO” again, and turn the plaque around. And the picture on the opposite side displays the back of the black rabbit, running away…..

Apparatus is approximately 9″ x 7″ and is suitable for a large audience.

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