Four Drink Production

Four-Drink-ProdEffect: The performer displays a tray resting on a stand. The tray is covered with a dish cover, shown clearly empty.
When the cover is lifted, four glasses of drink appear on the tray. The drinks are real, and may be handed to the audience to consume.

This item is adapted from the effect “Something out of Nothing” from the book Designed to Deceive by Magician Ananta Deb Banerjee, and published by us.  We have modified the prop for a solo performance, though you could also use it with an assistant handling the tray.

We supply all the props required. These are comprised of a stand (in three parts for easy transport), the very special tray with drape, responsible for the production effect, the dish cover, and the four glasses. You use your own drinks – Coke or Pepsi or Orange, or whatever you wish – perhaps four different tricks for variety !
Supplied with detailed color illustrated instructions.

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