Four Color Change Foulard

four CC FoulardOThis is a Color Change effect, where a Foulard changes color several times. Simple and mechanical in working, and the complete secret is in the special foulard supplied, requiring you to do nothing more than perform it !
You show a Foulard held at the corners, and stretched flat between your hands. The Foulard is shown clearly on both sides. You whip it, and the Foulard changes into an entirely different color, and is again shown on both sides. This is repeated again, and again, so that the same Foulard has been displayed on both sides in four different colors. And if you wish you could reverse the process, and have it go through another series of color changes, as often as you wish.
We supply the special mechanical foulard that makes the effect possible. If you use a pinch of confetti with each change, this will fly out when you whisk the Foulard, making for a nice visual effect. If the confetti is of the same color as the color of the Foulard being transformed, it will create an impression as if you are whipping away the colors.
You could perform this as a running Gag between tricks. After each effect, you announce “and now for my next effect, the famous color changing bandana …“. You change just one color, leaving the Foulard on clear view, so that there is no suspicion of an exchange. The fact that the Foulard changes to a different color every time you repeat this will enhance the mystery, as you repeat it.
We supply the special satin foulard, ready to work, with full instructions.

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