Folding Top Hat – Standard & Large

Folding top hat

A Top Hat is a must for every magician, and now every one can afford one. Folds flat, and springs out with a snap.
And a Top Hat is not just part of the performer’s formal attire – it can be a part of your act. Use it as a smart container for your silks and balls, or a secret “well” to dispose your gizmos and gimmicks, or to produce a rabbit, or a Hat Coil, or a mountain of silks and streamers. We give you with each Top Hat methods for producing a Rabbit, or other items.  Better than our previous models, with thermoformed plastic brim and top, a soft lined brim, (one size fits all), and a lifetime stainless steel spring mechanism.
This is a utility item for every performer, and a bargain at the price. Get yours now.

Available in 2 sizes – Standard & Large