Foil Production Coils #10

Foil Production CoilsProduction coils have been popular with magicians for many years. They can be produced from the mouth, the empty hand, or any production prop you fancy.  They come in a specially made compact bundle, very easy to palm and handle.  When “produced” they form a long decorative chain, several feet in length like a Christmas garland.
We have a model of this item made from glitter foil (mylar).These are in glittering metallic colours, making a dazzling display. The foil garlands are many times stronger than the paper ones, and will not tear or break easily.  They are ideal to display as a decorative back drop, or a gift to volunteers.We supply you ten ready to use foil coils in each pack (each coil can be used once), complete with instructions and ideas for use.

Also available are models of the same item, made in tissue paper, (which is more economical), and plastic film, (which makes them very durable, and an ideal give-away after production.)

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