Flying Rubik Cube

Flying Cube  003The Rubik Cube is a very clever Puzzle. This Flying Rubik Cube is a very clever Magic Illusion !

A block decorated with colored squares like a Rubik Cube and a hole through two sides is displayed impaled on a metal wand inside a cabinet.

The block is removed and covered by a square cover just large enough to fit over it. The wand is replaced in the cabinet which is covered in front by a sliding panel. With a snap of the fingers, the block is made to fly to the cabinet. When the panel on the front of the cabinet is removed, the block is seen back on the wand. It is removed, and displayed once again. When the square cover is lifted, it is seen to be clearly empty.

The apparatus supplied is beautifully designed in wood and would make an excellent collectors item. You get all necessary apparatus required to perform this amazing trick along with detailed illustrated instructions.

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