Flowers from Flatland

FtlndflwrA one dimensional line, or a two dimensional plane (with length and width, but no height) has no real existence. A three dimensional solid, like a cube, with length, breadth and height can exist. 

It is possible to create the illusion of a three dimensional object like a cube, by a two dimensional drawing. 

And if we pass this 2-D simulation through a “dimension tunnel”, – who knows ? – it just may take three dimensional form, like traveling through time by going through a time tunnel or space warp. … “

Effect: The performer displays a rolled up cylinder. This is opened out, and seem to be a large clear transparent film, with different multicolor two dimensional flower images printed on it. The audience can see right through the clear film, and there is obviously nothing concealed in it.

This is rolled back into a cylinder, ( a dimension tunnel !) and reaching inside, the performer produces a bunch of real three dimensional flowers. When the film is unrolled again, the printed flowers are seen to have completely vanished.

The apparatus we supply for this effect comprises of the special film sheet(s), and a bunch of realistic cloth flowers, with full color photo illustrated instructions.

The effect is novel and easy to perform with a few handling trials. The theme is direct, so you can present this to music, as a quickie, or with patter as a feature presentation. Colorful well made props,  big enough for stage use, and compact enough to fit into a briefcase.

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