Flower Wallet (With Flowers)

The performer displays a simple “wallet” or 2 panel folder made of board. He shows the wallet empty, closes it, then opens it again, and two large (spring) flowers appear when the wallet is opened again. The flowers are removed, the wallet closed, and when opened again another two flowers of a different color appear. These are removed, wallet closed, and opened to produce another two flowers.  The effect is repeated over and over again, till you have produced five pairs of flowers from the empty wallet.

The flower wallet works on a most ingenious topological principal, so that even when you perform this effect you will be baffled at how it works.

We supply you the very special flowers in different colours.  The flowers make a very conspicuous three dimensional display, when produced, but the wallet can be used with many other items, like currency notes for example. Close the empty wallet and produce a different denomination one after another.  Or use it for a playing card prediction, where you reveal the correct selected card in stages, with the prediction changing every time, till it is matches the selection.

The Flower Wallet comes to you complete with five pairs of colored spring flowers, plus complete handling instructions and routines for various uses.  A very novel and effective item, modestly priced, and easy to carry in your pocket.