Floating Table – Styrofoam

Floating Table  StyrofoamThe Floating Table is an extremely popular classic effect. 
We now offer you an ultra light styrofoam model of this effect, which is lighter than the ply wood, and other models. The table weighs less than 325 gms., with less than another 125 gms for the table cloth and gimmick, enabling you to handle this very easily.

You can use it as a regular table for your magic props before performing the Floating routine. You could rest a couple of very light props on this.
The design of this table makes it appear to your audience as a heavy cast metal table or solid wood table that would weigh several kilos.

We supply you the table in four parts (top, base, and central pillar), a glitter table cloth for the table, and the gimmick responsible for the floating effect, in a handy carry case, along with color photo illustrated instructions for performing the effect.

This styrofoam model is very economically priced. It is not a Lossander table, and does not resemble one. It does not have a “Gravity Box” arrangement. It brings this classic effect within reach of the average performer. You need to practice to present this, but your efforts will be well rewarded with the impact on your audience.

Note : the photo shows a silver colored table, which is prominent for the illustrations. Models are produced in silver and gold metallic finishes. Your model of this could be a different color finish to that in the photo.

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