Floating Table Fiber Glass

Floating Table FiberGlThe Floating Table is an extremely popular effect. Most of the models are made of Ultra Thin Ply Wood which is quite fragile.
We now offer you a fiber glass model of this effect, which is far more durable than the ply wood models. In fact you can use it as a regular table for your magic props before performing the Floating routine. Although very much stronger than the ply wood model, this has been made from very thin fiber glass, to give you a prop that is easy to work with. Yet to your audience it appears as a heavy metal table that would weigh several kilos.
The apparatus supplied is comprised of
a) The table in three parts (top, base, and central pillar)
b) A glitter table cloth for the table
c) The gimmick responsible for the floating effect
d) A watch, which is a regular watch in all respect, but where the watch strap is gimmicked for an Antigravity type effect. This permits you to float the table without the tablecloth or regular gimmick.
The entire outfit comes to you in a Duffel bag, easy to transport. (₹ 9000.00) ( ₹ 3000.00)