Flip Flop Spots

Flip Flop SpotsA novel prop that packed absolutely flat, plays big for a large audience, and gives you a sucker type routine that can be stretched to provide several minutes of entertainment.

The apparatus comprises of four panels about 7″ square hinged together. 

When the panels are opened, there is one green spot on top, followed by three red spots.
The panels are closed, and when opened again, the green spot is now second from the top.
This is repeated, and the green spot travels to third from the top, and finally the bottom.
By the time you have repeated this several times, the audience think they know how is done. 
But they are wrong, because when you now open out the panels the spots are in four entirely different colors, – red, blue, yellow and green. 
And before the surprise has sunk in, you turn the panels around to show they are with multicolored spots on the reversed in many different colors.

If you have a flair for patter, and want a prop that packs small but plays big, you will like this. 

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