Flick Change Frame (Jumbo)

Flick Chng FrameThis is a modified version of the slotted card changing frame, which enables you to visibly change a card as it is flicked out of a slotted frame. As the face of the card is visible at all times through the slots in the frame, and changes into an entirely different card when tipped out (or flicked out), the change is extremely magical.
A typical presentation – Empty frame is on display. A card is freely selected from a deck (no force required, and the card can even be signed). Spectator notes it, and replaces it in the deck, which is then shuffled.
You now state you are going to place a random card in the cut out frame, and have it magically change places with the selected card.
You take the top card from the deck and introduce it into the frame. The audience can clearly see the card going into the frame. Ask the spectator to confirm if this was their selected card. They will obviously say NO, as what they see is the face of a random card in the frame.
You now ask them what their selected card was, stating you will make the card in the fame change places with their selection. As they name their selected card, flick the frame, face of card still towards audience. Their selected card shoots out, still facing audience, and the change from the random card to the selected one is most magical. And the frame is obviously empty.
Comes complete with special frame, and instructions, for use with your own Jumbo Deck of cards.
Jumbo Decks are also available..

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