Flash Silk Dye – Its Magic

FSDye Its MagicEffect :- The performer displays a black silk, printed with a design in white, (like a photograph negative). The silk is displayed clearly and completely on both sides, stretched flat between the hands.
He now asks a volunteer spectator, to toss up some colored confetti into the air, to help color the silk. The performer shakes the silk in the cascading confetti, and the silk is found to be completely colored in many bright attractive colors. It is again displayed clearly, stretched flat between the hands on both sides.
We supply you the special “visual dyeing” silk, ready to work. This is identical to our Flash Silk Dye with the Happy Birthday design, but suitable for all magic shows, and not just Birthday parties. It is also made from a synthetic silky material, (not pure silk) and therefor more economical than the Happy Birthday silk.

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