full_set_for_flashgunFranklin Park Innovations, Madurai, has launched this new model of ” Flashgun”.

Effect:- The performer walks on to the stage, hands seemingly empty , and then – WHAM! – suddenly a flash is seen streaking out of his hand, erupting into a brilliant ball of fire. Shoots 10 – 15 feet.

This fantastic little gun is small enough to conceal in your hand, yet creates an astoundingly large effect.  One shot at a time.
Requires Flash Paper or Flash Cotton for use.

This magic accessory is supplied with a 4 volt. rechargeable battery, charger and with Kingston filament.

Buyer’s in India only will get one packet of flash cotton (10grms. pack) free. We can also supply the flash paper and wool to customers in India as advertised on our site.
We regret we cannot supply the flash wool or paper to foreign customers due to customs regulations, and they have to procure  their own flash paper or flash wool if they order the prop from us.

Limited supply. Please order early if interested.

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