Flash Dice

flash dice

Flash Dice consists of a plastic box and six dice. You can do a number of effects with it. For instance you can put the dice in the box randomly, close the lid, give the box a shake, then lift the lid to reveal that the faces of the dice are arranged in order from 1 to 6. Another shake randomizes the dice, and another reveals the dice are arranged in order from 6 to 1.

Another trick you can do with Flash Dice: Give one of the dice to the spectator and ask him or her to set it on the table with any number they wish facing up. You put the other five dice in the box with random numbers facing up, place the lid on the box, and shake. When you lift the lid, all the dice will show their chosen number.

Once you know the secret the number of effects you can perform with this little pocket trick are limited to your imagination.


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