Five-Rope-RepeatEffect: The magician displays 5 pieces of Rope, about 18″ long. He counts the Ropes from hand to hand, and says he only requires 4 of these for performing a trick. So he throws one Rope away.
When he counts the Ropes, he finds he still has 5 Ropes left.
The magician seems very surprised, and mumbles something about having made a counting mistake the first time, and again throws away a Rope.
When he counts the Ropes, he still has 5 Ropes left !
This is repeated again and again…. the magician being more surprised each time, much to the audiences’ amusement.
Finally the magician says these must be Magic Ropes, because if there are 5 Ropes (magician again counts the 5 Ropes), and he throws
away one (one is thrown away) he should have 4 Ropes, but he always has 5 (Ropes are counted again, to show 5 Ropes remain).
The above is a rough presentation idea, which you could adapt in any way you like. The outfit we supply permits you to throw away one rope 5 times, and still have 5 ropes left.
We supply all the special ropes, a gimmick to easily reset the apparatus, and full instructions. Easy to do, and a novel rope effect.

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