Fire Wallet – Hip Pocket Model

fire walletPerformer displays a wallet.  He opens it and flames leap out. “Wow”, he exclaims, “this money is really hot”.  He closes the wallet, and opens it again revealing it is just an ordinary wallet with coins and credit cards and currency bills inside.
You may pull out the wallet from your own pocket, using the gag as an introduction to a coin or bill trick you are going to perform, following up with the coins or bill removed from the wallet.  Or you may pretend to find the wallet (dropped by some one in the audience) and opening it to discover the owner!
The apparatus we supply consists of a specially gimmicked wallet in pure leather. The wallet has two compartments, one fitted with the fire gimmick, and the other with compartments to hold currency notes or a couple of large coins.

As with any fire effect, this requires care in use, and is not recommended for minors.

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