Finger Chopper (BNP)

FingerChopper (BNP)An amazing effect, where a blade apparently passes through your finger, but leaves the finger unharmed.

There are many models of this item, but this is a safe and economical model, with a plastic blade (plated to look like metal) that is safer than a metal blade, and suitable for new comers and young performers. Works like the original finger chopper, and sets up secretly in seconds.

You show the blade runs freely in the frame. Someone can even put there finger in the large hole on top and verify the blade will not go through. You now place your finger in the hole with the blade resting above it. Then press and it goes right through appearing in the hole at the bottom. Then remove your finger to show it is unharmed, and verify it is rigid, as in the beginning.

Makes for a nice gift, (seasoned performers would possibly prefer the most advanced models like the Locking Finger Chopper !) and is supplied attractively boxed, with instructions. Special bulk prices available for those wishing to use it as a pitch or gift item.


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