ESP – Mental Stand

ESP-MentalThis prop was inspired by Ed Mellon’s Quantimental Stand
The original effect used 4 different colored balls, placed on a stand. Four spectators each secretly selected a ball, and placed it in their pocket. The performer could divine which spectator selected which ball.
While this prop uses the same basic modus-operandi as the original Quantimental stand, it uses Cards or small Pay Envelopes, in place of the balls. 
You could use this outfit with a single spectator, and 5 number cards, asking him or her to pick up the cards in  order to form an imaginary number, such as 21453. You could then reveal the selected number. Or you could use it with five different spectators, each of whom could select one of 5 ESP symbols, and you could reveal who has selected what. 
The prop is very versatile, and we give you ideas for various presentations with the instructions..
We supply you the special ESP-Mental stand ready to work, and some accessories like blank cards, that you can easily customise for the presentation(s) that best meet your performance, pay envelopes, and a set of 5 ESP Design cards. You can also use the stand with regular Playing Cards, Visiting Cards etc.

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