Enchanted Necklace

This is a visual effect, which can also be presented to an interesting story line. The performer displays several large loose beads, which can be examined.  These are dropped one at a time into a clear cylinder, which can also be examined.  Performer makes a magic pass, and tosses the beads out of the tube, and they are found to be strung together in a necklace.

A possible story line for a general show would go as follows.  These were a magic necklace, belonging to a beautiful princess, and as long as she wore the necklace, she was the most beautiful princess in the world.  Then a wicked witch broke the necklace, and the princess started to wither away.  Many people tried to put the necklace together, but could not do so.  Then you “the handsome magician” came along, and magically restored the necklace, and with it the princess’s beauty…

The Enchanted Necklace is a extremely clever mechanical effect, easy to perform, and comes to you complete with the large colored beads, clear perspex tube, and full working instructions.

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