Eggs-traordinary Acrobatic Blocks

Eggstraordinary-Acrobatic-BEffect : Performer displays three solid cubes, colored Red, White and Blue. He shows a square tube, and drops the cubes inside the tube. He drops the Blue cube first, next the White and finally the Red cube. The Red cube is now on top.
The Magician turns the tube with the cubes upside down, so as to bring the Red cube to the bottom and Blue cube on top. He makes some magic passes and lifts the tube. Surprise! The cubes are still in the original order, Red, White and Blue from top to bottom.
Performer repeats the effect once more. But the audience suspect something fishy, because whenever he lifts the tube from the cubes and places it on the table, a thumping sound from the tube suggests an extra cube is concealed in the tube.
Performer ignores this, and to show how the cubes magically change colors, places the Red and Blue cubes in two different pockets. After a magic spell, he removes the cubes and they are seen to have changed places. The Blue cube comes from the pocket where the Red cube was placed, and vice versa. Second surprise!
But the spectators are not satisfied. They believe there must be an extra cube (or cubes) inside the tube which is responsible for the trick.
After some by-play, the performer finally lifts the tube and under it is found not a cube, but an egg. 
“Isn’t that eggs-traordinary ! No eggs-tra cubes, just an unbreakable egg !!”, he exclaims.
Finally, everything is handed over for examination.
We supply you all the props, with full instructions – the cubes (laminated, not painted for extra durability), tube, and a solid imitation egg to take the handling knocks. If you are looking for a novel sucker effect for any type of audience, suitable for close up or platform use, this one is certainly worth the modest price.

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