Eggs from Mouth Production

Egg-from-Mouth-ProductionThe Human Hen, or production of an apparently endless supply of Eggs from the mouth is an effect that is very easy to perform, and one that will entertain any type of audience. An egg appears in your mouth. You remove it, and another egg appears, and another, as often as you like. It has both magical and visual appeal – and the comedy ingredients guaranteed to draw a laugh.
We supply two solid plastic Eggs, ideal for the Eggs from Mouth production trick, along with detailed instructions for the effect. You will find many other uses for them, as described in the instructions. These eggs are made small enough to fit comfortably in the mouth for the classic mouth production effect, yet are large enough for any stage effect. They could be used for any egg trick, not just this particular one. 
These eggs are solid plastic, with the weight and feel of a real egg. This makes them more suited to use with Egg Bags, or manipulation effects. Being plastic they can be washed and safely used in the mouth. No paint to crack. No chipping (if you accidentally drop them), like plaster eggs. 
These Eggs can be put to good use in all the standard Egg tricks, such as the Regular Egg Bag, Production Egg Bag (where you produce a number of eggs from an apparently empty bag), The Color Changing Egg Bag (Gag Bag), etc. You could also use these for a climax load in a Cups & Balls routine. The size of the Eggs makes them very easy to palm, and use for many standard Ball effects. You can do a no-shell version of the Multiplying Eggs, or produce and vanish eggs from thin air, to some amusing patter themes.
As value for money these would be worth ten times what we charge, for the impact of the Mouth Production Trick. But you get the two eggs and instructions for a very low cost.


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