Edwin’s Noughts & Crosses

edwins noughts and crosses

This excellent paper cutting effect has been detailed by Edwin Hooper, on pages 227-232 of his book ” Edwin’s Magic Finale”
As Edwin and his Supreme Magic Company are no more, we bring you this item, complete and ready to work, as a novel effect any Kid Show performer, Magician, or MC could use.

Effect : – Performer displays a sheet of paper, with a grid of 16 squares (4 x 4) alternately marked with Noughts and Crosses. A spectator freely selects the noughts or crosses.
The paper is folded, and a single cut given with a pair of scissors. When opened out, all the squares with the selected design are intact, joined together in a lattice pattern, while all the squares of the other design have been cut away. You have cut away 8 selected squares out of a sheet, with just one straight cut.

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