Easy Four Ace Assembly

Four Ace AssemblyThe plot of this trick is the usual four Ace assembly theme, – one of the classic plots of Card Magic.
There are dozens of variations for this effect, but this one, using gimmick cards is one of the easiest and most straight forward to present. The complete routine has been detailed in the Encyclopedia of Card Tricks originally compiled by Glenn Gravatt and revised and expanded by Jean Hugard. You can look it up, if you have this book.
Effect : Four Aces are placed on the table and three indifferent cards dealt from the deck on each Ace.
One pile is chosen by a spectator. The Aces vanish from the other three piles and all four Aces are found in the pile selected.
The use of the special gimmick cards supplied makes the trick easy to work and very convincing.
A complete regular matching deck is supplied, in addition to the required gimmick cards, along with full instructions. You can also use the regular deck for any of your other card tricks.

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