Duck Pan 12″ (Various Models)

duck panThe Magician shows an empty Pan, and drops a piece of lit cloth or paper inside. The pan is covered, and when it it opened several live Doves or Pigeons or chicken or ducklings, a small Duck or Rabbit, or other similar live stock appears. 
This is of course just one possible effect, as the original Dove Pan is a classic Magic Prop and several routines and presentation ideas with this have appeared in magic books and magazines. You can use it to magically “Bake a Cake” or turn an egg into a duck, and so on. 
The Duck Pan is a super size version of the Dove Pan, with a load capacity about 12″ in diameter, and 4″ high. We have 2 different models, one made of Seamless Spun Aluminum, without base, anodized in a gleaming silver finish (they are lighter, and rust proof, and a bit more expensive than the mild steel model), and a spun mild steel model, powder coated in a metallic gray finish, which is heavier but more economical than the Aluminum models.

Duckpan03As we have many models of the “Dove Pan”, ranging from a mini Production Pan for baby chicks upto the giant Duck Pan we give below comparative pictures and sizes to give you a better idea of the model best suited to your requirements. Please check the Product List and Price List for the specific features and prices of the many models available.

Duckpan02The smallest is the Mini Production Pan. Pictured above is the deluxe model, with a load capacity 4″ diameter, and 2″ high.
Next is the Chick Pan, with load capacity of 6″ diameter, and 2.5″ high
The Classic Dove Pan has a capacity of 9″ diameter, and 2.25″ high. The double Load models have a larger height.
And the largest is the Duck Pan (load upto 11.75″ diameter and 4″ high)

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