Dream Time

Dream-TimeEffects involving time are very strong with any audience, and this one makes one of these dream effects a reality.
The performer displays a large “children’s clock” in a box that is used to teach youngsters to tell time. The box measures approximately 10″x10″x3.4″ – large enough for a stage performance. It has a moving hour hand, that can be rotated, and set to any hour.
The performer secretly sets this to a “special time” and moves away from the box. A spectator is now asked to select any special hour in his life – something the performer cannot possibly know.
The selected time is called out. The performer has been no where near the clock, after he set it. The spectator is invited to open the lid of the box for all to see. And the time displays the very hour called by the spectator.
There are no forces, stooges or multiple outs. The effect can be repeated immediately, and as often as you wish. There are no “subtleties” – it is as clean and straight as it reads. 
Although the prop appears like a plain clock, it is infact a very high tech gadget (conceived, and designed by Sam Dalal), that gives you total control of the “clock” from many feet away. The only “restriction” is that there should be no audience behind the clock.
Not a cheap item, but for the working performer, well worth the price, and one which could be a feature in any act with the right presentation.
For an alternate presentation, you could prove a spectator is psychic, by secretly setting the time and having him guess it correctly.
This is a limited production, and available while they last. If you are interested, get this soon.

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