Dove Pan (Double Load) – Classic SS

The Magician shows an empty Pan, and drops a piece of Lit Paper inside. The pan is covered, and when it is opened a live Dove or small Pigeon, or other similar live stock appears.
The dove is removed, and the pan is covered and opened once again, and found to be full of sweets or flowers, or whatever you wish.

This is of course just one possible effect, as the Dove Pan is a classic Magic Prop and dozens of routines and presentation ideas with this have appeared in magic books and magazines. You can use it to magically “Bake a Cake” for a Birthday Party show, then produce sweets for all the kids. Or turn an egg into a chicken, then another egg into an omelet, and so on. The Double Load Feature enables you to perform two complete productions, one after the other.

The Apparatus supplied is manufactured in seamless heavy gauge stainless steel.

Pan is approximately 8″ in diameter, and this streamlined model makes it appear less than an inch thick, although it will hold a Dove, or other large load. .

dove pan classic

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