Die Box – Sucker – Plastic (BP)

Die-Box-Plastic-SuckerThis is an economy plastic model of the Classic Sucker Die Box, with all the features of the more expensive wooden model and some extra features built into it. A compact size, easy to carry around, yet large enough for school show or platform use, the box measures 5″ x 2.5″ x 2.25″, with a die 2″ cube.

The performer displays an empty double compartment box, with doors on front and back of box, and a solid die. The die is placed in one compartment, and the doors closed. The box is tilted, and your audience hear the die slide from one side to the other. So they are not impressed when you open the door to show the die has vanished. They ask you to open the other door. You tilt the box again and open the door. They heard the die again, and even those that missed it the first time are now convinced they have caught you out. Repeat a few more times, milking it for what ever it’s worth. Finally open all four doors, to show die has indeed vanished. The audience can see right through the box. The Solid die is found in a hat or container.
Complete and ready to use, with full instructions.

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